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  • 1. What is Aptoide for Android?

    Aptoide for Android is your alternative mobile application store on Android. The APK (Android Package) file doesn’t need any registration, and with more than 300,000 regularly updated apps, the store does offer some options. There are apps for games and wallpapers, and also apps specifically designed for certain brands and models of mobile devices.
  • 2. How to install Aptoide?

    Aptoide is not available on Google Play (obviously). Therefore, you would have to side-load it. Before you do so, head to Settings on your Android device and enable the Unknown Sources option so that your device permits installation of third-party files. Once done, go ahead and download the software like you would download any other third-party app on Android.
  • 3. What is the rollback function?

    The apps can be directly downloaded and installed from Aptoide, which also takes care of the updates. The updates help make the apps better and more secure like in any other store. However, if you are not happy with the most recent version, you can always rollback or revert to the previous version. Uninstallation is another option.
  • 4. What could be Aptoide’s potential drawbacks compared to Google Play?

    Aptoide is definitely a Google Play alternative but it’s not coming anywhere close to the official Android app marketplace – in terms of both quality and quantity. The apps aren’t vetted before they are made available and there are no parental controls too. Moreover, differentiating good apps from the bad ones is not easy.
  • 5. What advantages does Aptoide have over Google Play?

    With 300,000+ apps, it could be hard to believe Aptoide having any real benefits over Google Play. Not all apps that developers make are allowed into the official Android store. Quite a few of them are bad and get rejected but some of the rejected apples are not that bad after all. Long story short, Aptoide could offer some unique apps that you may not come across on Google Play.
  • 6. What is the ‘green icon?

    Aptoide, as aforementioned, isn’t the ideal source for the best mobile applications. Also, the reviews you see for the different apps on Aptoide are imported directly from Google Play, which blurs things even more. The ‘green label’ identification is basically Aptoide’s way of classifying a particular app as “official”.
  • 7. What is security like?

    Aptoide has been around since 2009 and the app and user community has been growing gradually ever since. However, security has been a challenge for Aptoide more than app quality and quantity. Aptoide is aware of the same and has been working on it, trying to make the store as secure as possible. The green icon besides an app is a sign the app has been secured by Sentinel, Aptoide’s security system.
  • 8. What is the anti-virus system?

    When an app enters the store, it’s relegated to a temporary pool of apps awaiting a scan. Later, it undergoes multiple anti-virus systems. If the app is not found to be malicious after these tests, it’s released for public download.
  • 9. What is the rescanning scheme?

    Rescanning scheme makes sure an application is scanned three times (minimum) within 48 hours post upload, and at least four times in a week and five times in a month. Moreover, all the other apps are rescanned frequently, even if they have been in the Aptoide store for several months or years.
  • 10. How is customer support?

    Customer support or the speed with which app developers on Aptoide respond to or act upon user feedback is undoubtedly better than Google Play. On the official Android store, responses to customer suggestions and grievances could take weeks. The major reason could be the store not being as busy as Google Play.


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